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Massage Training Course Graduates Reviews & Testimonials

Hear what the students have to say about the London Massage Course

"As a yoga teacher who loves to travel, I was looking for another string to my bow to offer me freedom and financial independence. I also wanted to develop a hands-on skill to complement my holistic, healing approach to yoga teaching and practice. Massage was the obvious inroad. It wasn't until I heard about Dave's Raynor Massage training course however (via The Retreat People Retreats) that I decided to take the leap.

The course was everything it promised to be and more. Challenging, yet in a relaxed and supportive environment, with practical, to-the-point instruction from ever-patient Dave, we grew from novices to professionals in just a few days (and made some amazing friends along the way!) I am now regularly giving massage treatments with full confidence in my ability to bring a safe, enjoyable and healing experience to whoever may come through my door.

Thank you Dave for sharing your skill with kindness, passion and a smile! ."

Olivia Wood - October 2015


"Well, where do I begin? It was an awesome weeks Raynor Massage training in London. Being able to receive the massage as well as practice on all of the students was brilliant! That method allowed me to practice on different types of bodies and all with different ailments. It was great to see the mega relief on some of the students and to hear they were feeling energised and in a positive frame of mind, which in turn increased day by day. If someone travels half way across the world and chooses to go out of their way to take this course (which several students did), then it should say a lot about the expertise and style that Dave brings to his training. It is sought after, because it is becoming one of the best recognised courses and it is a unique form of therapy specifically developed over many years by and now taught in London by an advanced therapist; Dave Taylor. It is an informative, PRACTICAL and slightly theoretical weeks training, but this is all about a hands on approach (literally) and letting the student have their first experience of working on a complete massage. We all felt different things, we were all on different levels of fitness...male, female...younger and more mature students...So this is truly for everyone out there. If you are thinking of a career change then this will be a life changer if you choose to let it happen. 100% recommending this course...You will love it!!"

Richard Burman, November 2015


"I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the two week Raynor Deep Tissue Massage Diploma course in London that I attended in March. As a massage therapist I have been keen to come on this course for over a year now and it really is one of the best things I have done! I found the pace of the course was great and the material we covered has really filled in some gaps in my learning. The section about business was hugely appropriate for me too and a really important part of the training. I can honestly say, Dave that you gave me one of the best massages I have ever received during the course. I am really proud of the work I am already providing to my clients with my new found skills. Thank you so much and keep up the good work!"

Lori McPherson,

Raynor Massage Diploma Course, London, March 2015 www.studio7therapies.com

"I learned so much at my Raynor Therapeutic Massage training alongside Dave Taylor in London. Being such a hands-on

 class, there is so much time to practice and also receive massage so even by the end of the 5-day diploma course I was feeling confident about taking on actual paying clients. As well as learning amazing massage techniques, from all different massage styles, I learned so much about the energetic and emotional body and how we store a lot of emotional tension in the body. It really was a life-changing course and felt incredible shifts within my own body during and after the course. I’ve been practicing here in California ever since I took the course in 2010. I work with athletes looking to heal sports injuries, people with insomnia, migraines, anxiety, depression and people just looking to destress. The great thing about Raynor therapeutic massage is that it really is for everyone and works holistically to look at the body as a whole, physically, energetically and spiritually, often healing aspects of ourselves that we didn’t even know needed healed. I can’t recommend this course enough. It will give you everything you need to become a practical yet intuitive healer and therapist."

Sally Mitchell, Body Flows Massage and Yoga Retreats

"I trained with Dave over a fabulous few days in Devon. He taught with clarity, passion, warmth and humour. I left the training with such drive and confidence that within a couple of days I had set up a Facebook page and had a handful of client bookings. Since then, it has just got better and better! I am thoroughly enjoying my work as a Raynor Massage therapist and the positive feedback from my clients has been overwhelming. I shall never look back. Thank you Dave!"

Anita Kate






"Being part of the Raynor Massage Therapist’s family is a privilege. Knowing this amazing technique and making people feel better has changed my life.


I have practiced this form of massage since June, and I have already built a repeat client base. To the benefit of my clients, I have increased the strength of my hands and spirituality. I believe massage can solve not only the physical but the emotional too. I now have my own limited company established, Noor Sanctuary, with its own website through which appointments can be booked. With every client I begin with an initial consultation to careful identify the individuals reason for coming.  I then work with them to create a tailor made programme suited to each specific person. I have already had lots of great feedback via my webpage. Being able to benefit other people in this way has been extremely rewarding for me."

Anikio Michnya - October 2015


"I undertook my training with Dave in March 2015. I had been a client of his, visiting his Sutton clinic for about 2 years and always found Raynor massage ticks all the boxes for me – effective, without being relentlessly intense; relaxing, without being useless at eliminating tension. I am always amazed at how tension is stored in the anchor points of hands, feet, hips and head, as well as the connections to eastern traditions, energy flows and bands of tension. Raynor massage had also been a source of therapy for me through grief, depression, anxiety and fertility issues.

When the opportunity came about to do the training I wasn’t necessarily looking for a change of career, but I was keen to learn a new skill and find out more about the treatments that had been so helpful to me. I was pregnant at the time so it was serendipitous that many of the other attendees on the course were keen to practice on me, and I got to receive many treatments and understand the specialist adjustments at first hand. The training was detailed and thorough, but also really enjoyable. I loved getting to know the other students, and spending each day in the setting of the Thames Rowing Club.

After the course, I did not immediately use my massage training beyond friends and family, but by the end of 2015 and the arrival of my little girl, I felt ready to start using my skills. It was a no-brainer when it came to my target clients and I designed the business around people just like me – mums and mums-to-be. I had first-hand experience of the issues that affect a pregnant and postnatal woman and tailored my treatments accordingly. I decided that being mobile was a crucial element, to reach people who would struggle to make (and keep!) an appointment at a clinic, and to offer appointments at evenings and weekends so that clients did not need to worry about childcare.

And thus, The Well Mum Mobile Massage Co was born. In the past 9 months I have met some wonderful mothers – sharing their journeys through pregnancy and childbirth. I have also had fantastic feedback on how Raynor massage therapy has helped people, from serious issues like migraines and sciatica, to simply providing a blissful window of peace amongst the chaos. There’s nothing better than leaving someone feeling better than when you arrived, and knowing they will have a good night’s sleep (if the kids will let them!).

I am so grateful to Dave for setting me on this journey. He is a wonderful teacher and I recommend his training highly."

Lucy Johnston,

Raynor Massage Diploma Course, London,

March 2105

"The Raynor massage course and retreat was one of the best decisions I've made and is without doubt an amazing experience and totally challenging.


Dave Taylor has all the experience and knowledge to deliver with clarity and precise training skills to make you be confident and get to really understand the world of therapy and massaging. As well as technical theory and practical hands on massage practicing it all came together. I learnt so much in one week and got to meet some great people.


I was lucky enough to be selected to receive massage from Dave during the course. I've had a lot of massages both home and abroad but this was ‘next level’. The energy and tension release was incredible & it left me feeling like new. He found tension I never thought I had. Now I can do the same thing with my clients, which has made them come back for re-visits.


I completed the training, got my Certificate and I've now set up a healing room in my house. I’m really enjoying this new adventure. it gives you total satisfaction to see people leaving feeling rejuvenated after their massage and I’m already receiving great reviews on my Facebook page."

Nick Gynn - October 2015


"If you desire to change your life in few days, there is nothing easier and better decision than to go through Dave Taylor Massage Training. It is a wonderful experience & Dave is an impressive teacher at the same time. In five days you are on your way to your financial freedom while you help people to feel great in few hours. Raynor Therapy is highly powerful and effective, it deals with deep placed emotions, toxins placed in the body, loosen tensions in all the body.


This is not an ordinary massage, this is a real massage therapy. There are various reasons to take part in. You want to start your own business, you want to be independent, you just want to help your friends & your family to be as good as new? Don`t even think about it, it is what you are looking for. A lot of people suffers from pain in one`s back, neck, lower back, abdomen, hands, legs, head. One does not feel good because of the stress he/she goes through, because of the toxins placed in the body.


This is all placed in your body and causes tension and pain and the Raynor massage is able to release it all. I can not do anything than to recommend this awesome course. This is one of the most important things happened in my life. Dave thank you.  "

Zuzana & Jan,

Raynor Massage Diploma Course, London,

March 2105

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