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Massage certificate and diploma courses

Raynor Massage Certificate Or Diploma Course - What's The Difference?

I offer two fast-track massage training courses. The Raynor Massage Certificate Course & The Raynor Massage Diploma Course. Each course lasts for 5 days and all students need to have completed…


Myths about massage training

Common Myths About Working as a Massage Therapist in the UK

I often receive enquiries from people keen to learn massage but are confused by all the differing advice and sometimes misleading information that’s out there.

Lady with back pain holding lower back


Immediately start working as a therapist treating all manor of sports related injuries.

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Bistro Vadouvan Putney


Places to eat and drink in Putney, London

Just twenty minutes from the famed Waterloo station, Putney has been described as “an enclave of calm”. Far enough away from the hustle and bustle of London, Putney is sandwiched between the River Thames and some of the greenest land in the country.



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Things to do in Putney London. Putney Bridge at dusk

Visiting Putney, London

Putney is a district in the south west of London. The area covers just over 9 square kilometres and has been a part of the Wandsworth District of London since 1885. Putney is known as a centre for rowing due to its proximity to the River Thames and is also home to the renowned Putney Bridge.


A stunning home in Devon where a massage course is held


A 5 Day Inspiring Retreat

of Massage Training

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Half Penny Bridge Irish flag

The Best of Dublin, Ireland

The city of Dublin is a treasure trove of history, culture, entertainment and modern conveniences. It has the reputation of a medieval city because it has been around for over a thousand years, added to the medieval reputation is the relaxing charm and alluring attractions that are on offer in the city. But why should you visit Dublin? We will explore some of the highlights of the city.



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Reasonable priced food in Dublin

Where to eat in Dublin

If you are attending one of our massage courses in Dublin you might want to explore the city and enjoy some of the local food. Dublin is a city that is known for its unmistakable Irish charm. From sweeping mountains, to stunning coastlines and the green in between, this traditional capital city has a lively flare, and an atmosphere to match. Steeped in tradition and history, yet blended with modern energy, this multi-layered city does not disappoint.


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Mobile massage therapist

The Many Benefits of Learning Massage With UK Training Courses

Every job you could ever pursue is going to have benefits. Whether you want to count them as such, is a different story. If you were to spin a wheel of career paths, you may not immediately think about learning massage therapy. But if you were to learn massage, you would find that there are some amazing benefits to this. Of course, you may think that this is a simple, one sided thing, but the more you explore the history and uses, you’ll be impressed with the vocation.


home massage business

Questions To Consider Before You Learn Massage

There are a great number of career paths you can venture forward with today. Never before has there been so many opportunities to explore in the world. Even if you’ve been at a job for some time, and you want to jump into a new vocation, you can do so with relative ease. It’s something that most people don’t really consider until they start exploring different vocations. If you haven’t really settled into your job, or perhaps you’re looking for a change, consider focusing on alternative paths.


a relaxing image

5 Reasons You Should Learn Massage Today

Right now there are a lot of people that are looking for new vocations. You may be one of them. If you’re looking at options that you can pursue, or perhaps you’re looking at a way to help people, you may want to look into the world of massage. This is something that you may not have thought of before, but it’s an absolutely essential role that people today are in dire need of for many reasons. If you’re not sure whether or not you want to pursue the notion of learning, consider the many reasons why you should learn massage. These reasons will highlight the very factors that drives this creative vocation forward.


hands on massaging

Steps To Consider For Learning Massage Therapy

Millions of people today are in need of healing hands. They need someone to focus on their body and help with muscle strain, back pain, tension headache, and much more. Doctors can usually prescribe medication, as well as help alleviate issues with extreme measures like surgery. However, not everyone that feels pain, or is going through a bout of discomfort is in need of such actions. Some just need literal hands to help them with the issue. That’s where massage therapists can come into play. Often times people assume that this just means that you’ll be relaxed and comfortable.


A sensual massage

The Different Benefits Of Massage Therapy Throughout History

When you talk to someone about massage, they often have two schools of thought. They either think of erotica or they think about relaxation techniques. What people don’t realise is that there are many different elements of this discipline that go throughout history. If you study the history of massage, you will find that there are a lot of different areas to consider. Yes, there are definitely elements of the erotic that have been part of that history, but there’s also a great deal of medicinal purpose behind this art. In fact…


A fully accredited sports massage course

How To Choose A Good Sports Massage Training Course

With the advent of the internet, the rise in scams have definitely risen to incredible numbers. In every single niche that you can think of, in every field, you’re going to find that someone is trying to scam others out of their hard earned money. You may find yourself dealing with this issue if you look into vocational studies, or even courses to help you gain the upper hand in regards to education. Whether you want a four-year degree, or you want a speciality diploma, you’re going to find that scams abound throughout the internet. In order to avoid this, you’re going to want to look into a few tips and tricks to avoid these issues,


This is a picture of Buddha whose physician created reflexology and Thai massage

A History Of Massage In Ancient & Medieval times

There is archaeological evidence that massage was practiced in many ancient civilizations throughout history, which include China, Egypt, Greece, India, Japan, Korea, as well as Mesopotamia from BC through to Medieval Times.


Massage In Ancient Egypt Tombs

The Tomb of Akmanthor – BC 2330. This tomb is often referred to as “The Tomb of the Physician” and is located in Saqqara, Egypt. In the tomb there are depictions of two men who are having some work done on their hands and feet, which is presumed to be massage.


This the UK flag and we are talking about the history of massage in the United Kingdom

History of Massage in China, UK & USA


Massage in China

Massage has been practiced in China for more than 5000 years. Massage therapy has historically been taught in medical schools and hospitals. Massage is widely practiced in China and is considered a vital part of primary healthcare and health maintenance.


Massage in the United Kingdom

Massage therapy has become widespread in the UK today and is becoming more popular as time goes on. Many massage therapists are in private practice working out of their homes, and of course there are those who practice from a commercial location.


this is a picture of someone on a massage training course doing baby massage

What qualifications do I need to become a massage therapist?


Massage therapists help to relieve stress in the body by pressing down, rubbing and manipulating the soft tissue in the body. By massaging tight muscles the tension stored there can be relieved, as well as the pain. As a trained massage therapist your skills would not only be used to help people relax, but to treat sports injuries and help relieve the pain and discomfort that comes along for people who have long-term medical conditions. Another part of this job…


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