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Brandon Raynor advanced diploma massage course in London
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6 Day Advanced Diploma Course

Taught by Brandon Raynor


This course is for students who have already trained to Diploma level and really takes the Raynor Massage technique to a completely different level. In particular, Brandon focuses on the emotional release work throughout this course.

Brandon Raynor in 2008 teaching In Putney, London
Advanced diploma massage course in London
A 5 day advanced massage course in London

The Advanced Diploma Course is only ever taught by Brandon Raynor and it’s his opportunity to show you how the technique can be used to reach it’s full potential. It teaches you how to quickly diagnose where clients are holding their tension and focuses on working out strategies to get rid of this. There is a lot of focus on emotional release work and involves a lot of deep stomach work.


Brandon teaches the course as though the students are the patients so the students will be used as case studies throughout the course so each student will receive a lot of massage! So not only is it a way for you to learn new methods, many students also find it to be a deeply powerful healing journey too.


Although these principles have been taught in the earlier courses, Brandon will show you how to diagnose and therefor plan your treatments quicker, more smoothly and more effectively allowing you to get great results, quicker. Showing you hot to get even more rhythm and flow with your massage allowing you to unblock the deepest blockages that people can hold.


This course can be rather intensive and is taught at quite a last pace. It is certainly suggested that you only book this course if you are comfortable with both giving and receiving deep, powerful massage as Brandon does work deeply.


It really is a unique way of seeing first hand Brandon’s vision of how this massage can be used to achieve the most amazing release of tension.

Advanced Diploma Massage Course

Price: £1495.00

Length: 6 days

Requisites: Must Have Completed both Certificate & Diploma Courses

Venue: Putney, London

Teacher: Brandon Raynor


Sept 09-14, 2019


Putney, London

Advanced Diploma

Please note: Deposits are nonrefundable.

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