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Massage Certificate Training Course in London and Dublin

A professional massage course that will give you a fast-track to a new career in just 5 days.

A truly life changing experience.

On Completion of the course you will:

  • Receive a Certificate in Raynor Massage
  • Be able to run your own business
  • Be eligible to join a Professional Association
  • Qualify for full Professional Indemnity Insurance.

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A little bit about our 5 day massage course

This is a 5-day introductory course which results in being awarded the Certificate qualification in Raynor Massage. Students will quickly learn the skills necessary to effectively massage clients and help them with their healing process.


The classes are small with no more than twenty students with teacher, Dave Taylor. With such personal attention and supervision this intensive course is an extremely effective way to begin your training in Raynor Massage Therapy.

Suitable for complete beginners


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What exactly
is Raynor Massage?


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More about your teacher Dave Taylor


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How Do We Teach Raynor Massage?

Our method of teaching is hands-on and every day you will be watching massage, receiving massage and giving massage. We don’t believe you can learn the technique from reading charts and diagrams and there are no written exams. We show you how to recognize tension in the muscles by feeling it, and how to track it to the exact location where it is being held and the techniques needed to release and relieve it. This is exactly how massage was taught for many centuries before massage became “medicalised” by institutions that had no real understanding of the healing power of touch and intuition. You will be guided every step of the way by Dave who will always be there to oversee and offer advice. It’s Dave’s responsibility to ensure that you are performing Raynor Massage correctly and to also empower you to develop your own skills.


Every day you will observe your tutor demonstrating the technique throughout the massage training. You will receive massage and massage other students from the very first day of class. You will be partnering up with other students and be given opportunities to work on a variety of people & “problem areas”, which prepares you to deal with a whole range of people presenting all sorts of issues once you complete the course.


The five days of class are very intensive and usually runs from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM with a 45 minute to 1-hour lunch break.

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Raynor massage course in London
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5 Day Massage Certificate Courses In London and Dublin:


Jan 07-11, 2019


Putney, London


Massage Certificate Course



Feb 04-08, 2019



Putney, London


Massage Certificate Course

Certificate Course - February


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Mar 04-08, 2019



Dublin, Ireland


Massage Certificate Course



Apr 08-12, 2019



Putney, London


Massage Certificate Course

Certificate - April

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So what exactly is Raynor Massage & is there a demand for it?

Raynor Massage is a unique method of massage specifically focusing on finding and eliminating residual tension being held in the body. Brandon Raynor developed the technique based on over twenty years practicing massage and studying many different techniques used throughout the world. He has developed a method of teaching massage that enables students to learn quickly, focusing on the goal, which is always finding and totally releasing all residual tension located throughout the body.


Our bodies hang onto tension in our muscles for a variety of reasons; poor posture, stress from home or work, injuries, exercise and/or sports training, hunching over a computer and other things as well. This tension is held in our muscle tissue and eventually results in residual muscle tension and pain. If this goes untreated for any length of time it can result in long-term problems physically, mentally and emotionally.


As a trained Certificate Level Raynor Massage Therapist you can market yourself as being a ‘Deep Tissue Massage Therapist’. You will also be able to treat sport related injuries. You can help people become pain free by releasing built up residual tension in their muscles as well as the emotional tension that may be the root cause of the muscle tension.

Massage training that is suitable for complete beginners.

You don’t need any prior training or separate massage qualifications to participate in this Certificate Course. So students can enroll on the course with no background or experience in practicing massage at all.


Looking to retrain or ‘upgrade’ your massage skills?

People in the UK are looking for a different kind of massage and are no longer content with a superficial, soft treatment that sends them to sleep. Clients are demanding that their therapists work on a deeper level then before to effectively eliminate tension.


Therapists who have not been properly trained to massage on a deep level will often find themselves injured, suffering from RSI, sore thumbs and damaged wrists.


Dave Taylor is passionate about the welfare of therapists and will teach you how to safely give a really deep tissue massage that clients will love whilst allowing you to have a long career. There is a lot of emphasis during the massage training on correct posture. Dave will share with you techniques that utilise your entire body weight to provide the power behind the massage so you are not solely relying on using your thumbs!

New and Experienced Therapists Can Train Together

Students enrolling on the course who already have been practicing massage will have gained hands-on experience and confidence working on clients’ bodies. However those having no prior experience in massage also have an advantage in that they won’t have to unlearn anything as they begin using the techniques unique to Raynor Massage. Dave will begin working with you based on your own experience, whether this is your first exposure to massage or if you’ve been practicing massage for years. By the end of the 5-day course we expect that you will have developed the skills needed to give an effective Raynor Massage Treatment and Dave will do everything to support you in that endeavor.


A Truly Holistic Approach To Massage Therapy

Raynor Massage therapist will learn that holistically the body, mind and spirit are interconnected and how residual tension builds up in the body when these aspects are out of balance. Raynor Massage also seeks to open up the meridians or energy channels that prana or chi (life force) flows through. After having this type of massage clients feel relaxed in body, mind and spirit, rebalanced and renewed. During this short but intensive course, you will learn the fundamentals whilst also receiving this holistic and powerful massage technique aiding with your healing journey.



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The London Massage Courses are taught by Dave Taylor who has personally trained under the direct supervision of Brandon Raynor himself.  Dave is not just some guy that only teaches massage. He did this same training course back in 2010 and now has a successful massage career & practices from his own clinic in Sutton.


Dave continues to develop his own massage skills while teaching and brings his own unique background and experience to students.


This kind of training can never be gotten at a local college. It cannot be acquired online either. This is very hands-on training, being taught by someone who has developed what can only be described as “their art” and now have the role of passing it on to you while empowering you to also develop your own massage skills.

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A 5 Day Inspiring Retreat

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Day 1 - your life changing experience begins

The morning session of Day 1 of the Raynor Massage Certificate course covers the following areas:


  • The history of the practice of different massage techniques
  • The various contraindications of massage including when it’s safe to perform a massage treatment and when it shouldn’t be done
  • The process of taking a case history of clients
  • How to follow proper hygiene practices when massaging
  • How to drape your client in a professional manner, making them feel warm, comfortable
    and safe
  • The personal and professional qualities that a good massage therapist should possess
  • Professional ethics of massage therapists and the INTA Professional Code of Conduct.


Dave Taylor will then do a demonstration of various massage techniques on a volunteer student from the class. This demo will concentrate on the back, hands and arms.


During the afternoon session the students get paired up and start practicing massage on each other. Dave is always close-by supervising everyone. Each student will spend half the afternoon session giving a massage and the other half, receiving massage.

Day 2 - ready for more learning experiences

During the morning session we will discuss:


  • The importance of breath and Raynor Massage
  • Group Breathing Exercise
  • Discuss the qualities of a good massage therapist
  • How long should a Raynor Massage last?
  • The therapeutic effects of massage


Dave will demonstrate further massage techniques, going over what was shown on Day One with the addition of the shoulders, back of the legs & sacrum


A good student will learn a lot from receiving a massage as well as from giving one, which is why so much emphasis is placed on all students receiving massages in class as well as providing them. You will experience how working at different depths feels and the powerful feeling that happens when tension is released that your clients will have.


As you progress the previous day’s work will be revised and refined. Your teacher will discuss the how toxins are released in the body. The term “the healing crisis” will be covered and what it means in natural forms of therapy and how it applies to the practice of Raynor Massage.

Day 3 - beginning to envision your new career

The morning session will start with a group workshop demonstrating massaging the neck, head and face.


There will then be another massage demonstration on one of the students showing everything from the previous days and including the front of the legs, neck head and face.


After lunch the students will once again pair up and swap massage trying out all the techniques taught so far.


Day 4 - almost there, don't want it to end

During the morning session we will discuss:


  • How to avoid picking up negative energy
  • Examining the “tools of the trade” including the various types of oils used in the practice
    of massage and the features that a good massage table should have
  • The digestive system & abdominal massage


The morning workshop will be a demonstration of gentle stomach massage. It is very common for people to have emotional tension built up in their bellies. Think about the many times you’ve heard someone say “I got knots in my stomach from that” or “I felt like I’d been kicked in the gut”.


Certain abdominal conditions, such as ulcers, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, menstrual problems, and even Chronic Fatigue Syndrome can be helped with Raynor Massage Techniques. The release of emotional tension that had been held in the abdominal area, along with proper breathing practices can make a huge difference in the health and wellbeing of your clients.


There will then be a longer demonstration putting everything we have learnt previously to show a full body massage.


After lunch the students will then get to massage the course tutor, Dave Taylor and receive some individual feedback.

Day 5 - Wow! you're now ready for an awesome new career

This day will be dedicated to the students doing timed full body massage swaps under assessment.


At the end of the day if you have shown that you fully understood the concepts, have successfully demonstrated the techniques and have satisfied all the professional conduct requirements of the Brandon Raynor School of Massage and Natural Therapies, then you will be awarded your Raynor Massage Certificate.


Completion of the course - Earning your Certificate will allow you to begin practicing massage professionally in most areas of the world including:


  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Great Britain
  • Most of Europe
  • Most of Africa and Asia
  • New Zealand
  • Parts of the United States.


The majority of students who have earned their Raynor Massage Certificate decide to continue on and enrol in the Raynor Massage Diploma Course to further develop their massage skills. This also allows them to provide additional treatments like aromatherapy on their clients. Some decide to take this course immediately after earning their Certificate, as the Diploma Course will often be scheduled for the following week. Others decide to gain some practical experience first and return at a later date to take the Raynor Massage Diploma Course.


An in-depth breakdown of each day of your training course


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